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Using this type of analysis in conjunction with the other retail reports can help communities identify retail sectors for which growth opportunities might exist. Components of a Retail Sales Analysis include historical taxable or retail sales for a city or town. This information is provided by the Oklahoma Tax Commission, which reports annual city sales tax collections for all incorporated cities and towns in Oklahoma. Manufacturers produce goods from raw materials using machines and labor. Once production is complete, wholesalers purchase the goods and sell them to retailers. Wholesalers sell large quantities of goods to retailers at low prices.

A wide array of criteria go into determining which is the best choice for your small business. We have the highest standards of biosecurity and food safety, and fully sanitize our facilities every 24 hours. The staff at the onsite Wellness Centers at 19 of our facilities are trained on how to protect our associates from, and identify and respond to, symptoms of COVID-19.

The National Retail Federation estimates that in 2017 retail sales increased by 3.9 percent, and e-commerce sales increased 13 percent in the same period. In addition to retailing merchandise, some types of store retailers are also engaged in the provision of after-sales services, such as repair and installation. Retailers can opt for a format as each provides different retail mix to its customers based on their customer demographics, lifestyle and purchase behavior. An effective format will determine how products are display products, as well as how target customers are attracted. The wholesale and retail trade sector uses more dollars of transportation services and requires more transportation services per dollar of output than any other sector.

For example, supermarkets were an American innovation-the first self-service grocery store, called Piggly Wiggly’s, opened in Louisiana in 1916. The concept of the “self-serving store” was so revolutionary that the owner was granted a patent. For example, a building contractor would usually purchase materials such as cement, plywood, nails, two-by-fours, sinks, pipes, bathroom fixtures, paint, glass, wallpaper, and so on from a wholesale supplier. Tertiary – This trade area encompasses all the remaining trade area sales. 2 In-house and for-hire transportation requirements add to more than total transportation requirement due to rounding. Unemployment The average number of people unemployed in this sector for the past 12 months.

At the conclusion of the retail analysis, retail marketers should have a clear idea of which groups of customers are to be the target of marketing activities. Not all elements are, however, equal, often with demographics, shopping motivations, and spending directing consumer activities. Retail research studies suggest that there is a strong relationship between a store’s positioning and the socio-economic status of customers. In addition, the retail strategy, including service quality, has a significant and positive association with customer loyalty. A marketing strategy effectively outlines all key aspects of firms’ targeted audience, demographics, preferences. In a highly competitive market, the retail strategy sets up long-term sustainability.

Maybe there are a particular brand of products that are selling well on Amazon, whereas your website is the go-to place for every other brand? Or is there a particular type of product selling well on eBay versus your own brick and mortar store? However you decide to slice and dice your reporting, use the analysis to your benefit, get your products on the best channels and go where your shoppers are.

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