Our Process

Getting Started w/ the Motion Mechanix Process


STEP 1: Contact Us  dominicknusdeu@gmail.com

to touch base, or reach us at (203) 500-4438.  We’ll set up a short phone call with you to discuss your needs and initial questions.  If we both agree that a face-to-face meeting is warranted to discover more detail about your needs, provide more specific answers to your questions, and discuss the details of our process, then we’ll schedule a face-to-face Consultation at our office.  If you, or we, decide that we are not a good fit, then we may give you some suggestions on where to turn next.


STEP 2: Initial Consultation (60 minutes)

During this first meeting, you and your Certified Muscle System Specialist™ (MSS) practitioner will discuss your fundamental objectives:  What are your biggest concerns about not moving well and not feeling well?  Where are you feeling pain, and how is it affecting your life?  We will do a thorough review of your medical history; injury history; current areas of pain, tightness, or discomfort, and the events leading up to the onset of these symptoms; medications, and sources of life stress.  The more information we have about you, the history of your body, and the stresses it is under, the more information we have to guide you toward success during our decision-making and problem-solving processes.


STEP 3: The Evaluation (90-120 minutes)

The assessment will provide us– and you– with valuable information about your body’s current state.  We start by checking your heart rate and other composition measurements.

We assess any asymmetries in your standing and supine posture, limb circumference, and standing body weight distribution.

We assess quality throughout your muscle system using a technique and thought process unique to the MSS™.  We systematically identify areas with suboptimal mobility and control, which will help identify where your system may not be functioning at its best.


STEP 4:  The Report of Findings and Initial Muscle System Care Session (60 minutes)

It is important to us that you, our client, be an active participant in the process of re-educating your muscle system.  You and your MSS™ practitioner will review your results and your proposed personalized action plan;  if you approve our findings and plan, you will then have your first session to begin the process of restoring your muscle system to optimal function. Our tagline here at MotionMechanix is Assess….Train…..Sustain!!!


STEP 5:  One-on-one Session Work and Continual Assessment

You and your practitioner will complete personalized sessions focused on improving your muscle system control, always working toward your initially stated fundamental objectives. Each session will focus on using strategic methods for improving areas in your system with low-quality control, and continual assessment of your system is weaved into each session.  As your muscle system quality improves, which may lead to less pain and discomfort, the challenge of exercise prescribed by your practitioner will progress as well to make your stronger and increase your vitality.

As we see improvements in how you move and how you feel, your practitioner will continue to introduce an extensive set of skills (think of tools in a toolbox):

Various screening tools to flush out more complex, subtle areas of the body whose low-quality control may be affecting you.

Multiple strategies for training muscle tissue to tolerate various stressors it may encounter in your daily life, work, and hobbies.

Extensive knowledge of physics and biomechanics to design and progress an exercise regimen tailored specifically for your system’s needs and goals.