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"Changing The Way You Think About Exercise"

Muscular System Optimization

"ReThinking Pain & Injury Management"

How a Practitioner Thinks, Matters......


 Movement limitations and difficulty holding your body in a position (like sitting, lying flat, standing still) are frequently associated with unwanted sensations like pain, aches, or tightness. This can have profoundly negative effects on your physical, social, and mental life. The progressive loss of movement and maintaining body position can lead to unwanted weight gain, loss of muscle, and an increased chance of developing diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Deciding on how to, and who should, address your physical movement issues and any related unwanted sensations is important. With so many options potentially available, how can you make the best decision for your unique circumstances?


Here are some key highlights that make a Certified Muscle System Specialist TM (CMSS) a potentially great option for you:

       1. The CMSS works from a body-view called Bio-Motor Configurationalism. (An abridged version) This states that all body positions and movements are unique configurations of all of the body’s parts.  Any configuration requires the convergence of all the body’s parts to control the muscle system in that configuration. This means that the entire body, as a total system, is contributing to any muscle contraction - and its relaxation - such that even though there may be a local focus on a part of the body, the entire body is always involved in achieving and maintaining a given configuration. The implication is that a local area of focus (body control issue and/or unwanted sensations) could be influenced by a part far removed from that area.

      2. The CMSS believes that your ability to move and hold bodily positions is unique to you.  The quality of your movement (via control of your muscles) is correlated to how well you feel, and how well you feel is correlated to the quality of your life. Therefore, the CMSS focuses on finding out where you have trouble moving and holding positions and then works to improve the quality of that movement and position maintenance by improving muscle contraction – even when that part of the body is some distance from a local area of unwanted sensations and movement control. The local symptom equals local problem, therefore a local solution must be rendered rule is not always true.

 3. The CMSS employs the Principle of Systematicity, which leverages the body’s intrinsic capability to heal itself. Once you and the CMSS identify a position or movement where contraction quality is deemed unsatisfactory, you and your CMSS will work to connect the low-quality area to an associated area of higher quality via a variety of methods. The CMSS doesn’t force issues – the CMSS negotiates with the body by using a critical thinking model and progressive systems problem solving process.  A CMSS does not employ rote protocols – we treat you as a unique and special individual with unique goals and preferences.


        4. The CMSS works to improve the control you have over your muscles, which improves the control you have over your body.  This, in turn, may lead to an improvement in how you feel (meaning that unwanted sensations go away).


Higher Quality Motion … Less Unwanted Sensations … Better Life!!!

Muscle Optimization Training

BioMechanically & Research Based

Client Defined Personal Training

'Intelligent Exercise"

This training is a continuum from the initial assessment and Muscular System Optimization sessions. It was designed to maximize your results using sound scientific principles and create 100% custom, client specific exercises.

After we have improved the quality of your movement and force output capabilities, then it’s time to train the tissues. We do this by using a term Founder Dominick Nusdeu coined Muscle Optimization Training. 


  • Definition of Optimization (n.) – an act, process, or methodology of making something (such as a design, system, or decision)

  • Definition of Exercise (n.) – a specific bodily or mental exertion, or the removal thereof, especially for the sake of training or improvement of health, under a specified set of conditions. Force (demand/stimulus) applied, or removed, over some time interval to, and/or from within, a sensory-motor control system, resulting in a sensory-motor solution/response, with the intention of making and maintaining a desired physiological change or state. (Greg Mack/Muscle System Specialist Course)

  • The techniques we apply to create unique and personalized exercises to address your movement and performance needs are unlike the stereotypical and traditional approaches that are often used in the health & fitness world today.

  • Rethink Exercise with Muscle Optimization Training!

MMX Online CUSTOM Exercise Process

                                         "Custom Designed Exercise, Online!"


This Is Designed For Clients Who Can't See Me InPerson But Still Would Like A Custom Exercise Experience.

Click The Link Below To Learn More About The Process

               Welcome To The MMX Exercise Education Academy

For Fitness Enthusiasts & Exercise Professionals...Continue Reading. 

Exercise Education For Exercise Professionals

Learn The Sciences That Are Vital To Becoming An Exercise Professional.

Anatomy, Physiology, BioMechanics, Exercise Mechanics, Physics, Decision Making, Nutrition, Etc.

These Concepts Are Imperative To Your Success. 

By Signing Up You’ll Get Full Access To Several Different Courses Available Online 

Be A Leader In The  Fitness/Exercise Industry 

"Click The Link If You Like To Think"

MMX Exercise Education Academy was founded out of a need to give exercise professionals Quality, High Level Education backed by Science not what’s currently trendy or “cool”. It also gives students a very specific path to grow as exercise professionals. We’ve created a 6 part training track that we believe will provide the student with all the tools needed to be an amazing exercise professional over time. We offer the MMX Foundational Personal Training curriculum/certification, as well as advanced certifications and continuing education courses through MMX Education &

Online Exercise Education/Library/Resources For The Fitness Enthusiast

Only Online Platform To TRULY Offer The Consumer/Enthusiast A Way To Create Custom Exercises For Themselves.

We provide beginning exercisers,  who aren’t sure what to do, a system of fully customizable, easy to follow videos, resources, and worksheets to help them reach their goals faster and avoid injuries. Click The Link To Explore.

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