BTS/B2S bets

BTS/B2S bets

Here at Bettingbase, sports betting beginners can find out all the information on how the “both teams score” betting market works and whether you can also bet on the opposite. More ambitious bettors at 22Bet will find out which strategies are suitable for the BTS type of bet and whether another type of bet might be more interesting.



The betting market is almost self-explanatory and has two possible characteristics. Either both clubs of the match score a goal or not. Whether one team scores or the match even ends 0:0 is of no additional importance for the bet. Accordingly, the bets are won if:

  • Both teams score: Each team scores at least one goal in the match
  • Both teams score – No: At most one team scores (0:0 included)

Often sports bettors fall back on this type of bet if no clear tip jumps into the eye on the three-way (win/draw/loss) or due to a very clear constellation (expected Kantersieg) the chance of a “to zero” seems high and therefore an over-goal tip is not particularly well valued. If both teams have a decent offense or at least patchy defense, then the tip on “both score” seems to be lucrative.

In opposite cases, the prediction “Both to Score -> No” can be chosen. Betting on both teams not to score provides the advantage over under bets that counter-attacking goals do not carry any weight. If the trailing club throws everything forward again in the final phase when trailing 0:1 or 0:2 and allows itself to be counter-attacked, the bet on both teams not scoring is not lost despite the late goal.




  • offensively strong teams in the direct duel
  • holey defenses of both teams
  • Group constellation that demands a win from both teams


  • Knockout games of high importance (basic defensive alignment)
  • Important top matches between two teams with strong defenses
  • Teams with clear focus on their own defensive work
  • “Both hits” strategy & logical weakness of the betting type

Especially the tip on goals on both sides contains a small logical weakness. If you think the tip is appealing, you usually trust both teams to score several times or to be overcome in the defense. Only then the tip is really interesting. In games with this characteristic, however, the odds are often at a very low level and usually clearly below the quotes for the “Over 2.5”. Accordingly, one serves a lower odds despite the risk of losing the ticket in case of final scores 0:3 or 3:0.

From A for beginner bonus to W for betting evaluation!

What distinguishes a good betting provider?

However, should the match actually end with 3:1 or 2:4, you won’t be able to shake off the feeling that you could have gotten far more out of it with the right forecast than, for example, a winning 1.6 odds. For this reason, I have much more fun betting on “Both hit -> No!”, especially since the odds often turn out lucrative. But if there really should be some hits on both sides, the over 3.5 at much higher quotes with of course slightly increased risk is usually the better choice.

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